“Buy smarter, buy better.
Purchase pieces you love that will stay with you through many wears or items that can be shared and given to friends or loved ones."

E. Lewittes


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An eco-friendly ethic as a daily engagement ensures to the next generations the same or even better environmental conditions than the ones we’re in today.

By guaranteeing transparency and informing you about the materials we use in the craft of our products and packaging, and on the production techniques of the suppliers on which we rely, we intend to support a sustainable development intended to meet your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



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We take a great care building an environmental-conscious network of suppliers.

The leathers we use in crafting our styles can legitimately be called sustainable as they are defined by reusability, longevity and versatility. Coming from a renewable organic source and produced safely in highly developed tanneries without undue waste, leathers last a long time, much longer than synthetic fibres. Leathers can be easily repaired and recycled - up to 95% - instead of being thrown away, avoiding wasteful short-term use of resources. Aside the leathers, our main supplier of fabrics, Attilio Imperiali, subscribed to Greenpeace’s Detox Protocol in 2014 with the main goal to cut out from the whole fashion production chain by 2020 all those substances that result harmful for people and environment.

For what concerns our iconic metallic heels, we only use the best inox steel which is selected and crafted in Italy by our trusted company. Steel is an extremely durable and recyclable material.

The idea behind our suppliers’ selection is to find solutions aimed to lenghten our products’ lifetime. Our shoes are more durable than the majority of footwear available on the market thanks to the artisanal methods and techniques used to craft.

We sincerely hope you’re feeling directly on your skin the love we put in our creations.


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When it comes to packaging, we are well-aware that most of times we’re talking about a temporary collocation for the product.

For this main reason we have chosen the less impacting solution: our shoes boxes are totally made of recyclable and biodegradable cardboard and paper, and host a chic shoe bag naturally made up of linen to preserve your beloved shoes over time, allowing them to be protected and softly wrapped in an eco-friendly but elegant labelled package.


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Today it is possible for Businesses to redesign its production chain by applying to what is called “green chemistry” which means, accordingly to The US Environmental Protection Agency, using “chemicals and chemical processes thought to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts.” in other words, instead of focusing on methods for cleaning up environmental problems, green chemistry finds how to make negative events no longer happen in the first place. For example our shoes are designed to use less material in the shoe, and more efficient cutting patterns are developed in order to reduce overall waste.

Over the years we’ve noticed that cleaning the supply chain has become a growing tendency which - we’re proud to say - first started with small independent brands and is now being carried on by big brands as a result to the collective pressure that the smallest ones contribute to put on all market’s players.


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“Designing with the end in mind”: this is the challenge of today’s designers.

But what does this mean for us? It means that we design already thinking about the final days of the lifetime of that single product and how its parts can be recycled or reused. We also put effort in crafting durable and versatile items able to easily adapt to growth, style, trend, gender, activity and purpose, in order to guarantee the longest lifetime for the item.


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We have put at your disposal a great deal of shoes that can be rented, instead of bought, at DressYouCan.

You can find the selection both online on dressyoucan.com and in their Milanese store (see here where’s located).

By renting one of our iconic styles, you’re able to get the look of your dream at an affordable price and at the same time you do not waste resources: after the use, your shoes are ready for a second life (and a second party!) together with someone else without having you feeling guilty every time you come across them in your closet.


“The average woman throws away 82 pounds of clothing per year. Renting things you wear a few times is the sustainable answer.”


Our eco-friendly initiative

Send us the pair of LAMPERTI shoes you’re thinking of throwing away. We recycle it and you get a 50€ off discount code on your next purchase in our e-shop. You’re welcome.

Why not to see our “second-hand” products as sources for new ones?

We are trying to create a loop in which shoes at the end of their life are not just waste, but their parts give birth to new amazing shoes or can be recycled into secondary raw materials for all kinds of new products and in various industries.

We want you to be part of the loop by making you aware of what happens to products when they can be used no more and giving you the chance to help the planet with us.

Feel free to send us your old pair of LAMPERTI shoes, instead of just throwing them away, and be ready to buy a fresh new one enjoying a 50€ off discount code on your next purchase in e-shop.