Lamperti Milano was born from an idea of the siblings Erika and Federico Lamperti. Always fascinated by the empowering potential held by women’s footwear, the siblings spent a full year researching components, lasts and structures with the aim bring to life the ambitious concept. The innate passion for ancient stories and myths, coupled with an extensive traveling, are behind all collections’ aesthetic.

The very distinctive design and signature elements comprehend the astonishing steel heels which are handcrafted in an Italian shipyard. All materials are sourced across regions of Italy from the most experienced artisans, who have passed on their know-how through generations. The shoe design is aimed to convey confidence and a sense of self-empowerment paired with courage and beauty. 

Comfort is an essential aspect in our craft processes; our customers value quality and fashionable design. Customer intelligence and needs are core in each step of our design and production phases.


Our source for authenticity and particularity comes from an absolute combination of quality and design.


The hard-earned skills and techniques of our artisans are amongst our most important secrets for attaining excellence.


Our designs are there to enhance women self-expression through unique materials and details.


We make sure that comfort and durability cross our paths in the process of creation for delivering the ultimate luxury.